About Open Language Learning Platform

Welcome to the Open Language Learning Project, a resource for language teachers and learners. This online platform aims to address two of the biggest problems that language and literacy teachers face.

Problems this project aims to address:

1. Providing assess to easy to navigate high quality teacher training and open educational resources. To build a library of high quality open educational resources, permission will be asked to use content from the current providers, new content will be created within the platform, and, most importantly, teachers will be encouraged to build content themselves.

2. Providing access to communities of practice for sharing ideas, seeking advice, or receiving mentorship from peers. To encourage participation in the communities of practice, communities of practice will provide an online question-and-answer system where educators can obtain immediate feedback from peers for their professional concerns.

This project is a work in progress, and the features currently available are limited, because they are being developed. This platform aims to be mobile-accessible and easy to use. The teachers’ professional development needs are currently being investigated. You are welcome to explore the available content and to contribute to the wiki.